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It’s a Field Day!

Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight is having a Field Day today!  So if you haven’t yet stopped by to check out all the great posts about living and learning in the great outdoors, you really ought to head on … Continue reading

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Glad to Be Home

If you’ve been watching the Weather Channel, you may know that it’s been raining a lot up here.  (In fact, it’s been raining so much that it seems unreal to me that some folks out there are having an actual … Continue reading

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Catholic Homeschooling Blogs!

Catholic Homeschooling in Hawaii has started a new Catholic Homeschooling Blog Directory, organized by state! HT: Danielle Bean

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Chasing Sunshine

It’s amazing how two babies chasing patches of sun on a rug will completely turn your day around.

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Help With Chores

I just found out that Steve and Teri Maxwell, authors of Managers of Their Homes, have a new book called Managers of Their Chores.  Since I spent two hours tonight just doing kitchen and laundry maintenance, it took me about … Continue reading

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The Great Outdoors

My kids were all about outside today.  Sometimes we miss the conveniences of living in the suburbs, not the least of which is scads of kids to play with, but today we were happy to be here. Katydid and I … Continue reading

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On the Road Again

I drove 300 miles this week.  With 5 kids.  Is it any wonder that physical therapy yesterday was a disaster?

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