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Another Year of Life

As I lay on the sofa bed with Pop tonight, I listened to the other kids chatter away in the kitchen as they got their bedtime snacks.  “No, I am not going to make you ten crackers,” Gareth told Farmerboy.  … Continue reading

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A Different Sort of Christmas Gift

Many of you now know the one big change on our horizon that I did not mention in my previous post.  All the congratulations and prayers that everyone has offered have made us feel wonderfully blessed.  This new little one … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year Again…

… when the seed catalogs start arriving in the mail!  The picture above is a sampling of the catalogs we’ve gotten to date, plus two of my Christmas presents, Simply in Season and the More-With-Less Cookbook.  Just a little peek … Continue reading

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Changes on the Horizon

We’re taking a break from formal work this week, supposedly so I can catch up with everything that has been neglected for the past month or so while we did holidays.  I’m supposed to be planning for January, running down … Continue reading

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Christmas Snapshots

I don’t have enough energy this morning to write anything coherent, so this is just going to be a collage post…   Getting ready to go to 4:00 Mass on Christmas Eve.. The plan was to go to “Midnight” Mass … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Eve!

I recently switched from Bloglines to Google Reader.  Bloglines kept dropping my personal lists, and anyway, the lists — supposed to help me manage all my zillions of subscriptions — were never in the same order, and I always had … Continue reading

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It’s All Good

Wednesday, as I was preparing for our homeschool group’s Christmas party and potluck lunch, I was pretty sure I ought to title this post “Potluck Disasters”.  I woke up feeling pretty smug because I had baked strawberry marzipan bars (which … Continue reading

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