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Montessori in the Classroom

So how does a pregnant homeschooling mother of five get a day off?  She has to take a 3 hour glucose test and go to an OB appointment an hour away, of course! Oh, sure, you have to pay for … Continue reading

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A Day At Our House: Summer’s Here!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these posts, mostly because I started keeping a daily notes blog (sort of).  But sometimes I miss the more detailed view.  Dawn’s recent post about her day got me noticing … Continue reading

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A Little Summer Organizing

Our summer vacation is coming up fast and before we hit the beach, I want to have my surfaces decluttered and my shelves ready to set up with activities in July.  So today I worked on two areas: I cleaned … Continue reading

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Because I need to start writing these things down. Farmerboy: My tummy hurts.Me: Well, it’s probably because you ate too much chocolate, and now you have a tummy ache.Farmerboy, running off to Daddy: Daddy, I ate too much chocolate, and … Continue reading

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It’s a Field Day!

Dawn is hosting another Field Day… and they just keep getting bigger and bigger.  Sit down with a glass (or two) of iced tea and enjoy!

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Some Montessori Thoughts

Somehow we managed to survive the week without Andy, but it was a near thing.  A toddler who only gets five hours of sleep can be really vicious.  Wednesday turned up an amazing number of casualties: Pop bit Farmerboy at … Continue reading

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When Your Toddler Gets Up at 3 AM…

… this is what you might think: Surely this child is going to go back to sleep soon. This child is not going back to sleep. I’m going to time him to see if he can be still for even … Continue reading

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