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I had some problems with spam comments recently that were making it through the Typepad filters, so I put my comments on moderation.  The only problem… I keep forgetting that I have to approve comments now!  So I apologize to … Continue reading

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Working on…

For some reason I feel the need to tell you that even if a week goes by and I don’t post anything, I really am working on several posts.  It’s just that July is so busy.  I think I feel … Continue reading

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Catching up: Comments and Country Diary

First of all: I just wanted to thank everyone who leaves comments.  I know that it must feel as if you are dropping your words into a vacuum, I so rarely respond, but your comments really do make my day.  … Continue reading

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Breaking Radio Silence

Things have been busy, busy, busy around here lately without a lot of time to stop and blog.  I started working on a post about our attempts to eat local-er considering that it is January (and snow falling again as … Continue reading

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