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Summer School

I’m trying to keep everyone somewhat busy and yet still do a lot of sitting (and nursing).  “School” is therefore in session… sort of.  I’m reading aloud in the mornings and requiring math of the big kids and some phonics … Continue reading

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Blackberry Picking

Last Saturday we went blackberry picking at “Scout Farm”, a piece of land near us that is owned by the Boy Scouts.  The wild blackberries are free for the picking, and all Scout families can go up there whenever they … Continue reading

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Week 1

Before I forget what we did in week 1 … here’s a run-down, heavy on the little guys. Also… Ice Cube Necklaces Water and Weather: Pop went through a phase where he would come in from playing outside every night … Continue reading

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Ice Cube Necklaces

Yesterday was a tough day, and hot.  But there was a bright spot.  A cool spot?  The little boys and I made ice cube necklaces.  I got the idea from More Mudpies to Magnets: Science for Young Children.  This is … Continue reading

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Our summer in pictures

Today will be our first day of school (i.e., doing math again).  The kids are ready to start again, I think, although I’m not.  I’m still trying to reorganize books, art supplies, and Montessori materials.  This past week and next week … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes

One I’m trying to avoid typing any word with the letter k because Chipmun – k pried various k -eys off my k – eyboard with a for- k the other day, and the only one I can’t get bac- … Continue reading

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Country Diary: July Garden

I was going to name this post “Tomato Madness,” but then I thought, well, there are other things going on in the garden, too.  So instead I went with the boring “July Garden”. Weather: 75 ish and the sun has … Continue reading

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A Busy First Week

According to the state, our new school year starts July 1.  So every year on July 1 I have a tradition of shaking everybody’s hand and informing them that they’ve moved up a grade.  My kids always laugh at this, … Continue reading

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June Blooms

    Peonies, by Katydid Violets?, by Katydid   (by Katydid)   Wood Anemone?, by Katydid   Lily of the Valley in the woods, by Katydid   Daisies in the garden (by me)   Yarrow?   Potatoes   Mysterious blue … Continue reading

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Fruit Trees and berry bushes

Gae asked recently about our fruit trees.  I tried to leave a comment but I’m having trouble commenting on my own blog. Gae, I’m working on your Reggio questions in a different post, but since I was out working in … Continue reading

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