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Labor Day Week

 As our year goes on, we are settling more and more into the “relaxed” mode which seems to fit our family pretty well.  A case in point is the last two weeks.  We had many committments, Andy had to be … Continue reading

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Learning with Lego

I’ve been having a hard time getting enthused about homeschooling lately, so I decided it was time to not worry so much about “making progress” and to do something fun instead. It’s the flag of Denmark! Cue: this Lego unit/lapbook, … Continue reading

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Eating from the pantry, unschooling, and the liturgical year

The beginnings of our new garden — garlic and greens, planted in late October to overwinter.  Some of the greens contributed to our Christmas dinner. As I sit down to write this post, it is January 6th — Epiphany, the … Continue reading

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Create your own continent

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that my kids like earth science.  This year Gareth has decided to make high school level earth science his focus, and as is often the case … Continue reading

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K-2 and Early Learning: November 1-7

This week was a “hither and thither” sort of week… heavy on the “thithering”.  Andy took off on All Saints Day so we could run moving-related errands; Katydid had her once a month choir practice for her once a month … Continue reading

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Summer School

I’m trying to keep everyone somewhat busy and yet still do a lot of sitting (and nursing).  “School” is therefore in session… sort of.  I’m reading aloud in the mornings and requiring math of the big kids and some phonics … Continue reading

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More on Unschooling

A few links: Want to Get Into Harvard?: Spend More Time Staring at the Clouds   (HT: Kind Conversation Unschooling Group ) Is Catholic Unschooling Worth It? from Leonie’s blog, Living Without School, which is itself an excellent resource Unschooling Math… … Continue reading

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Thinking about Unschooling

I mentioned recently that the last week in May was “officially” our last week of school, and that what “school” means for us is that there is some required work to do and work that “counts”.  For instance, during one … Continue reading

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Week in Review: May 2- May 9, or All About Birds

Bird Week! The chickadee nest in our bluebird box, with eggs (photo by Katydid) I had nothing to do with the “theme” of this week.  It was a force of nature.  Farmerboy, Pip, and Pop all suddenly decided that birds … Continue reading

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The Ecosystem Game

  For the past week or so, all of the kids (except Chipmunk) have been caught up in a game they call “Ecosystems.”  The idea began with Katydid, because she has been reading about ecosystems in the Harcourt 6th grade … Continue reading

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