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February in Mississippi

February in the South is a different animal than February in the North.  For years I have hated February and have spent long hours figuring out how to wage war on it.  In upstate New York February is midwinter.  The … Continue reading

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Almost a Pantry Challenge

Maybe it looks like one of those miniscule nouveau cusine salads of the 80’s, but I thought it was pretty.  I snipped some baby greens from our raised bed before it snowed, mixed in some purchased spinach, and we had … Continue reading

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Not quite back to work

Snow days (a whole 3 or 4 inches!) and the flu are making it hard to get “back to work”.  Snow is much prettier than the flu, so here are some idyllic pictures of kids in the snow.  Good thing … Continue reading

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On New Year’s Day

We finally have a camera that works. (New Year’s Eve) (New Year’s Day.  Note green moving sticker on chair from two moves ago.) (Shouldn’t somebody tell that kid we’re on Christmas vacation?) (Salad — spinach, lettuce, and, yes, if you’re … Continue reading

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What we’ve been up to this winter

I haven’t had time or the inclination to do detailed weekly reports, but I do have a collection of photos I’d like to archive for this winter.   Pop’s “handwriting”…   Chipmunk’s flour construction sites… Light-saber battles  (Chipmunk always seems … Continue reading

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My weekend

It’s been an interesting weekend. Andy parked the van on the side of the road in front of our house Saturday morning so he could move the vans around.  We were all in the van, preparing to go to Katydid’s … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes – Is it Spring Yet?

One We’ve had a nice run of weather over the past week or so, and our snow is melting bit by bit.  Yesterday it was 55 degrees.  Unfortunately it takes more than two weeks above freezing to melt four feet … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces

What we’re up to: Watching the Olympics — trying to deduce the rules of curling without looking anything up.  Wondering why it looks like they’re using shower scrub brushes, and why brushing the ice in front of the stone makes … Continue reading

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Snow and Animal Signs

My editor is loading correctly today, so I figured I had better hurry up and post some pictures while I had the chance.  These pictures are from a nature walk Katydid and Farmerboy took back in January. Rabbit tracks… Squirrel … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes, February 5

One The weirdest thing about this winter has been the way that all the winter storms have hit somebody else.  I’m watching this thing that’s supposed to be slamming the Mid-Atlantic today and tomorrow with 1 or 2 feet of … Continue reading

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